Patio Sliding Doors

All our double glazed patio doors have been designed to retain the heat in your home. Their advanced Low-E glass technology reflects heat back into the room. Plus they have a 20mm argon filled gap, a warm edge spacer bar, a unique multi-chamber profile and one continuous draught seal that runs all the way around the frame.
  • Gap between panes (mm)
  • 20mm
  • Low E internal glass
  • Yes – Internal glass with a low E value reflects heat back into the room.
  • Weather resistant seals
  • Yes – This door features double weather resistant seals
  • Ventilation
  • Trickle ventilation (available as an optional extra)
  • Opening
  • One-piece stainless steel track ensures smooth operation
  • Insulation
  • – Door panel engages into channel in outer frame, providing excellent draught resistance
    – Interlocking door leafs prevent draughts and increase security when shut
  • WhiteWhite
  • Cream WoodgrainCream Woodgrain
  • White WoodgrainWhite Woodgrain
  • Golden OakGolden Oak
  • MahoganyMahogany
  • RosewoodRosewood
  • White and Black WoodgrainWhite and Black Woodgrain
  • White and Golden OakWhite and Golden Oak
  • White and MahoganyWhite and Mahogany
  • White and RosewoodWhite and Rosewood
  • Locking points
  • Multi-point
  • Locking mechanism
  • Multi-point locking mechanism
  • Internal glazing bead
  • Yes – Internal glazing bead prevents removal of glass from outside
  • Reinforcement in frame
  • Yes – galavanised steel in door leaf
  • Anti-lift strip
  • An anti-lift security strip prevents doors from being lifted out of the frame from the outside
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