Bi-Folding Doors

Bi-Fold doors can truly bring the outside inside. With the option of inward or outward opening and available in a multiple of configurations, our bi-fold door system adds a wow factor without any compromise to insulation or security. When required the system folds neatly and conveniently to one side but also offers the benefit of a single access door of every day use.

Aesthetically, aluminium slim frame bifold doors are the superior choice – they will not rot or rust, they will not twist or warp and they have no unsightly weld marks that you find on uPVC alternatives.

Aluminium is also a very stable material. Seasonal weather variations will not cause the frame of the bifold doors to expand or contact the way doors can if manufactured from wood or uPVC. As aluminium is also very durable, these attractive, slim frame bifold doors will be extremely low maintenance and not need regular repainting. Simply install the doors, then enjoy.

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